What I try to achieve with my breeding

My goal is to breed highly intelligent, energetic, correctly structured and athletic dogs with the ability to work with passion and drive in any dog sport. I believe it is especially important that they keep their natural instinct for sheep hearding to preserve this wonderful breed. 

I aim to breed well balanced dogs according to the breed standard with outstanding movements enabling the dog to move freely and effortless all day.

The lines I use are known for their workability and close connection to the original purpose for this breed - a highly intelligent and agile dog, which works for hours every day with lots of drive.


Why choose a Mikami Puppy?

It takes many hours, months and years to plan a litter. There are huge efforts spent searching for the right stud dog for the bitch.
I make sure that all dogs are in perfect condition and get all necessary health tests before I even consider using them for breeding.

Every litter will be broad up in my home in the living room thriving on natural food free from any chemicals added with the exact needs of vitamins, minerals and vegetables and natural herbs giving them the very best start in life - with a lot of attention, care and love. The puppies will get presented to many new situations such as walking in leads, driving in a car, going on a trip alone in town, visiting the pet store etc. 

My History

Mikami is a small kennel which is situated in a small cosy farm house with a lot of space to play around for the dogs. 

My Vision

It is my plan to only have one-two litters every year, so I can enjoy every moment spent with the puppies and give them all of my attention.
I will be happy to assist with a lifelong support.