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New litter plans for Winter 2022!

We are expecting the litter to be born in the begining of december. 

Dalguice Dream Affair 
International Champion

Slovenian Champion

Austrian Juniorchampion

Austrian Champion

Austrian Bundesjugendsieger

Slovenian Clubwinner

Winner Styria

Alpensieger 2022

Color: Blue/White
Hips: AA
OCD: Free
ED: 00

knee & spine free of any changes

Gonioscopy clear:

DNA tested clear for: CEA/CL/TNS/MH/RS/GG/DM/MDR1/PLL/VWD/SN

breeder: Pam Alcorn/Scotland

Owned by: Michaela Pöllinger-Sorré (Roseglen Kennel) & John Ritchie/Scotland (Dykebar kennel)

Go Mikami Money Talks

Color: Black/White
Hips: AA
OCD: Free
ED: 00

Gonioscopy clear:

DNA tested clear for:


 Sumi is "a blast from the past" truly looking so old fashioned, she's a very honest made girl nothing overdone on her and she's got a lovely smooth outline. Sumi is so very full of life and is always ready to do something active. She works with lots of drive and motivation with a pleasing mind and the will to keep going forward. Sumi has had one litter before the pup's from her past litter has turned out to be very good workers especially need to mention her daugter "Mocca" at a very young age she's been very succesful competing with her owner in Dog Dancing, she became dog of the year 2022 class one in Heelwork To Music and Danish Winner 2022 and just had her debut in class two winning first place.

Dundee is a lovely blue boy and he's been very succesful in the show ring also he has sired some just as Incredible succesful progeny already. Dundee is a true showman with lot of attitude, he's got a wonderful character he's so outgoing people loving always friendly and very easygoing with all and everything.
I really can't thank Dundee's owner's Michela & John enough for their trust in letting me use their special blue boy and all the breeder's behind for their hard work and passion making this combination possible I'm so so very greatful! 

Please just feel free to contact me if you are interested in a Mikami puppy or have any sorts of questions.   

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